We operate a proprietary and blazing fast cloud platform powered by a custom software and orchestration layer atop hardware and bandwidth from the world’s largest infratructure providers.

Our newest data center in New Jersey runs exclusively on record-breaking AMD Epyc and Ryzen CPUs.



  • 6 Points of Presence strategically located across the United States
  • We have Business Associate Agreements in place with every downstream provider that touches our infrastructure and each agreement is directly between the provider and Cato Systems.
  • We only use Tier 4 data centers that receive annual independent SOC audits.
  • Every disk features full-time 256-bit encryption that is always active and meets the encryption requirements of the HITECH Act.
  • Every server rack has trackable physical access restrictions that satisfy the physical security requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule.
  • All access is dns-based, which allows us to filter all customer traffic through a DDOS-protected proxy network, then through a Web Application Firewall and then through multiple application gateways and load balancers. All DNS zones are further protected by DNSSEC.
  • Every VPC and subnet inside our platform communicates over SSH tunnels on internal IP addresses that are not routable outside the network.
  • Every customer-facing portion of our platform uses TLS 1.3 certificates and multiple cryptographic algorithms. The TLS 1.3 standard was released in July 2017 and is the latest and strongest encryption standard.
  • Our entire platform only opens 6 specific ports and those are monitored fanatically. There are never any unused or unmonitored ports open.
  • We never serve email from our application or database servers. All of our platform’s email is served by third-party email providers on outside systems. There are no MX, TXT or SPF records exposing our origin data.

New Jersey and Northern Virginia: The Fastest Places on Earth

You may not immediately associate New Jersey with the Cloud, but due to Wall Street’s insatiable demand for millisecond advantages in securities trading, the state (which is the physically closest place to Wall Street with enough affordable land to build data centers) tops the World in both data center network speeds and fiber optic cable per 100,000 residents.

Cato Systems was founded and is based in New Jersey precisely because of this and our cloud platform reaps enormous technical benefits from its proximity to this globally unique speed capacity.

In recent years, Northern Virginia, home of the world’s largest concentration of data centers and the primary network hub for any popular Internet brand you can name, has risen to challenge New Jersey’s throughput title. Cato Systems has its largest point of presence in Northern Virginia and in 2015 moved its cloud operations center to the area.